Stories have shaped my life as a young girl, and continue to do so. Many of life's greatest lessons, I learned from the stories of others. As a youth, I began to collect my stories and the stories of others through journaling. Journaling has been a means of growth, clarity, and healing for me over the years. It has been my passion to share my love of journaling with others. For this reason, Journal Junky® was created.


It is my desire to empower the lives of women through journaling and story. As a woman, I realize that we many times have misgivings when it comes to sharing our stories. For a number of reasons, we feel ashamed, embarrassed, or inadequate when in reality, we all have a story that someone needs to hear. Once we release our inhibitions, we begin to realize that our stories truly hold magic, beauty, and power to inspire, motivate, and help others. I seek to inspire women to embrace & share stories, through journaling groups and workshops. 


I seek to foster community & connection with other women through offering unique workshops on topics such as personal development, story writing, story sharing, networking, gift exploration, vision clarity, legacy building, self-confidence, time-management and other business workshops. 


The retail aspect of Journal Junky® is centered around a unique line of journals that were written with the intent to inspire action in the writer. I call this line the “Take Action” series and use them as a tool in the workshops. 


Here at Journal Junky it is my passion to share my love of journaling with others. With this in mind, we offer a number of mini workshops throughout the community that are free of charge.  Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page to stay abreast of these free workshops. 

Journal Junky has also provided workshops for a variety of youth groups in our local area.  We always seek to do more with youth.

It is also my goal to create a scholarship for students at our local community college.  This is in progress, and I am very excited for this opportunity to blossom.


SPROUT: Teen Write Night-An Introduction to Journaling for Youth 

BLOOM: Celebrate Your Beautiful Self 

GATHER: A Family Journaling Affair 

Just Write: Types of Journaling Techniques & Introduction to Journaling 

HERITAGE: Discovering, Defining & Sharing Your Legacy 

Explore Your Gifts: Discover Your Confidence 

Let’s Dream Together: Creating Your Personal Vision for Success 

Tell Me a Story: Overcoming the Fear of Networking 

Letter Writing Workshop 

PUSH: Overcoming Fear & Expanding Beyond Your Comfort Zone  

CONNECT: The Power of Story in Business and Connecting With Others


I am available to provide workshops for schools, libraries, non-profit organizations, resting homes, teen and youth groups, women's retreats, church groups, and home-school groups.  

I have over 10 years experience in teaching, training, and facilitating both large and small groups.  I have worked in public schools, group homes, youth facilities, as a Student Instructor for Cleveland State University, and as an Adjunct Instructor at ABTech Community College.

If you are looking for a speaker or workshop/group facilitator, please feel free to contact me for more information.  I would love to connect and share with your group.

xo Nicole Annette M. Ed.