Our Story

You have a special story that only belongs to you. Here at Journal Junky® we create products that inspire you to capture, celebrate, and share your beautiful story.


My maternal Grandmother was a phenomenal story-teller. Growing up, we sat at her feet as she told story after story about her life, other people’s lives, and her own creative fiction. As children we stared in awe, imagining the stories coming to life from Grandma’s lips, while Granddaddy laughed and laughed at our expressions.

We often heard stories from other family members about our heritage and the legacies of our ancestors. My siblings and I were raised in a home full of antiques and without television, thus we grew up very imaginative, writing, singing, loving books and nature, and working as a family to create handmade projects and “magnificent” works of art! 

Today, my work is influenced by my love of nature, a strong sense of family togetherness, a love of old & simple things, and of course the amazing stories of others. I am drawn to those of age and wisdom. I find it important to listen to and learn from the world.

I believe in the power of writing to capture moments and memories otherwise forgotten, to heal, to foster communication, and to strengthen relationships. I believe that we all have a story that needs to be remembered and perhaps even shared. 

I started Journal Junky® in 2008 to enhance the lives of my family, and I hope our journals and workshops will enhance the lives of yours.

I appreciate your visit and support.

xo Nicole Annette M.Ed.
Journal Junky®